Your BIM information lives on in Autodesk Building Ops

The Autodesk BIM ecosystem has expanded. Autodesk Building Ops is mobile-first maintenance and asset management software designed to help support intelligent building operations. Owners and facilities departments can use its easy-to-access database to create incident tickets; schedule maintenance reminders; and access product data, warranty, and other information—all in real time, from any mobile device. 


Getting to know the Revit Model Content Style Guide (RMCSG) – Volume 1: Shared Parameters

In recent conversations with AEC firms and building product manufacturers, the Seek team has fielded many questions about the 2009 Revit Model Content Style Guide (RMCSG). In response, we will be presenting a series of blog posts in an effort to shed light on the RMSCG and educate Revit users on its included standards. In this inaugural post of the Getting to know the Revit Model Content Style Guide series, we’ll discuss Shared Parameters.

To review the basics: The purpose of Shared Parameters is to allow Revit users to schedule metadata needed among multiple families (Type or Instance property values), in addition to the parameters predefined in Revit for each Category.


Get your app in gear!

An update to our previous post: We’re pleased to announce that the Autodesk Seek extension for Revit has graduated to the Autodesk App Store.

The Autodesk Seek App is a great way to streamline finding and inserting reliable real-world content directly into your Revit project. No more downloading and unzipping the content folders, manually opening families, and finally loading types—the Seek app automates it all. Autodesk subscription customers can simply download and install the app, set a default download location via the Settings in the Autodesk Seek tab, and starting browsing for content. 


Capitalize on the AEC Marketplace with a Winning BIM Strategy: Webinar Q&A

The replay of our recent webinar, Capitalize on the AEC Marketplace with a Winning BIM Strategy, is now available here.

In the webinar, we covered the basics of Building Information Modeling (BIM) for manufacturers and discussed the fundamentals of implementing a BIM strategy. In this post, Autodesk application engineers Rosanne Siegal and Eric Kuszewski take on key questions from the webinar: 


Get the Autodesk Seek for Revit Plug-in

Keeping up with goings-on in the Revit universe? You may have noticed the appearance of a new Seek plug-in for Revit.

Download the free plug-in to make it even easier to access high-quality BIM files, drawings, and product specifications for over 66,000 commercial and residential building products, from more than 400 manufacturers, from inside Revit 2015 or 2016.

If you use Revit, there’s a good chance you already use Seek—either online at seek.autodesk.com or via Revit’s Insert/Seek command—to preview and download BIM content. Now the new plugin makes BIM content even easier to use from within Revit. 


The Power of Badges

In the Autodesk Seek catalog, all Revit content from building product manufacturers is put through rigorous quality assurance, ensuring that families and models are consistent with industry expectations for content, and that they follow content standards outlined in the Revit Model Content Style Guide. Content that meets these high standards is marked with visual badges. They’re a great way to qualify Revit families for use in your building projects, and to ensure that you get fully operational, ready-to-use content.